Max team up with YouTube Primetime

American viewers can now stream shows and movies from the ad-free version of Max YouTube Primetime. YouTube Primetime.

Max team up with YouTube Primetime

Since a long time the most popular video-sharing site has been using its Primetime Channels to stream content from various third-party networks. In the present, Warner Bros.' Max (formerly HBO Max) has joined forces with YouTube to offer an free tier of Max through Primetime.

This means that American viewers can watch various scripted and non-scripted programming on Warner Bros. brands like HBO, TLC, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network, and OWN starting on December 15.

This is the latest initiative by Warner Bros. to encourage Max subscriptions. Max's With-Ads subscription is priced at $9.99 per month, while the Standard Ad-Free tier costs $15.99 per month. It also has the highest priced Ultimate Ad-Free level at $19.99 per month.

Utilizing YouTube Primetime, users can browse, sign-up for, and stream their favorite shows, films sports, and other. With the many streaming options available these days, Primetime Channels have been created to make it simpler for viewers to stream videos from various streaming services all in one location and also subscribe direct to YouTube.

How do I watch Max YouTube Primetime content? YouTube Primetime

Primetime Channels can be found when you click the Explore tab to the left side of YouTube and then clicking  the category 'TV and Movies'. You can sign up and stream more than 40 streaming services, many providing a free trial for seven days before you have to sign up for a subscription.

YouTube Primetime Channels are like Amazon Prime Channels. They allow users to stream across a variety of networks through YouTube's YouTube app. It also lets you manage all of your subscriptions in one location.

Other features available in the YouTube app and website include the latest addition of the Multiview feature that gives fans of sports the ability to stream four games simultaneously. The evolution of the platform shows that Google is working to make YouTube serve as more than just a video website it was in the past and is now a multi-functional entertainment platform, and in the ideal scenario it could be a streamer for Google users.